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Creating Serenity

Creating Serenity combines yoga, coaching, meditation, body awareness, imagery, conscious breath work, and guided relaxation to teach a powerful method of inner peace and alignment.

For those that are serious about their personal growth, Creating Serenity packages are recommended for: people with childhood trauma, grief and loss, stress, anxiety, depression, HSP (highly sensitive persons), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addiction.

Private Creating Serenity Class

Discovering Serenity

  • 8-week package starting at $497
  • 4 one-hour-long "creating serenity” classes personally designed to give you the tools to access inner peace and serenity. We will work on physical alignment, mental alignment, and aligning your inner most being - creating a core sense of confidence and ease in your daily life.
  • 4 email exchanges, Skype (Facetime), or phone calls for questions, follow ups on homework, and resolving issues.
  • 1 intake application
  • Homework
  • *Free audio class

Serenity For Life

  • 9-month package starting at $1497
  • 12 one-hour-long “creating serenity” classes to explore what isn’t working in your life. We will explore thinking patterns, deeper issues ingrained from life, that prevent happiness and moving forward in a crisis free life. We will explore deeper core beliefs that are sabotaging your joy and remove these blocks in a safe and sacred environment to enhance your personal growth, personal power and well being. Each class is personally designed to give you the tools that teach you to live a life of serenity and exhibit calm and confidence in your daily life.
  • 8 email exchanges, skype (Facetime) or phone calls for questions, follow up on homework and resolving issues.
  • 1 intake application
  • Homework
  • *3 Free audio classes

"It’s difficult to describe my movement along the path that Sharon has guided me. It’s difficult because the issues I was struggling with at the beginning are no longer a burden; they’ve resolved. Sharon’s work put me in the place I needed to be in, to recognize a couple of issues, consider them, experience the truth about them and then move on."

-- Roy O. Matheson

Roy Matheson

Some health insurance companies cover the cost of yoga. Check with your provider to see what your policy covers.