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Meditation to Enhance Fertility

I create personalized fertility meditations designed just for you and your unique situation, promoting the perfect environment for conception. Meditations are a powerful way to align your inner and outer worlds (spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and energetic), to make your dreams into reality through powerful intentions and resonance with your inner being.

Request Your Free Fertility Meditation
I encourage you to request your free sample meditation using the form below and visit my Facebook page: Conceiving by Believing

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I am excited to work with you to create your personalized fertility meditation. After receiving my free sample, I will ask you to fill out my Fabulous Fertility Form, which has under 15 questions. This will acquaint me with your history and journey. Then we will spend a half hour connecting (via Skype, Facebook, etc.), this is when I really align with you and your needs. This powerful meditation package starts at $125.00 and other packages can be built upon request. After receiving full payment, you will receive your amazing fertility meditation by email, I just love to hear “ I’m pregnant”. I consider it an honor to be an integral part of your life.

Some health insurance companies cover the cost of yoga. Check with your provider to see what your policy covers.